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Sala Margana
19th - 22nd October 2009

Introductory Text

The theme of this exhibition follows on from that of the event 'L'Anima Ferita' ('The Wounded Soul'), presented at the Ruspoli Castle in Vignanello one month before. 'The Wounded Soul' centred on the figure of Ariadne, abandoned on the island of Naxos, lost and overcome by the force of her injured emotions. In 'Theseus' Flight' we follow Theseus, as he rushes from that same island, denying and abandoning his lover and his emotions. His flight will lead him back to his home town of Athens, which here is equated with Rome. The roman paintings of this exhibition are intended as an exploration of the multiple faces of the city, a cerebral vision set against the overpowering emotions of Ariadne. A vision which, perhaps, will cause him a paralysis no weaker than that of his mistreated lover and counterpart Ariadne. Both series' are displayed in this exhibition, two separate, opposing, and incomplete voyages.