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Sala Margana
30th September - 3rd October 2010

note: this exhibition also included the series 'Astronomology', originally exhibited earlier in 2010 at RvB Arts, Rome.

Introductory Text

Two parallel voyages of the soul and of the body, in search of the self and of the courage to leave behind the baggage of a painful past. This is the theme of the exhibition 'Fu Sera e Fu Mattino' (Evening and Morning'), presented in two sections, one of paintings on copper and the other on panel, which follows the stages of a voyage through the night. At sunset, through the streets of Rome, contrasting sentiments follow and precede each other: disorientation before reflections in shop windows, where confused splinters of reality are woven together, the search for comfort in churches - the chapel of the Gesù, Santa Maria Sopra Minerva with it's shining blue ceiling - though with a shadow of absence hovering above. And then there is the darkness of night, the sky illuminated only by the headlights of the cars of silent travellers. During the same night a woman wraps herself, unsleeping, in the sheets of her bed, where she searches for refuge but finds herself caught up in her own pain. But the dawn will bring the opening of a new horizon, and a blue sky will return to shine over a new day in which it will again be possible to live, act, and love.