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Paradise, both as a word and as a concept,
originates in the east, in the lands beyond the Tigris.
There, a “Paradeiza” was a walled or fenced area,

an orchard
or a private game park
reserved solely
for the use of the king.
walled off and defended.

Abundant game and
fresh fruit were brought
to the king's table, and
represented a clear symbol of
royal privilege. Just like
the food of the gods,
the food which the king
had exclusive access to
embodied his power.
This power, then, was
possible thanks to
the possession of a paradise,
a private garden.

Manual work is
inconceivable for a person
of the highest rank, but gardens and game parks
need care and maintainence,
conceding access to the paradise to some
subjects is unavoidable, the workers
responsible for running the place, and this
is where the problem arises, how do you guarantee
the obedience of these workers while ensuring
that they never dream of eating your food?