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The paintings in this exhibition are connected by the theme of the passage of time and the effects that this has on objects as well as on the life we experience. From worn down and consumed paint tubes and pencils to household objects refound after years of disuse, and still lifes that make use of metaphorical devices to meditate on the irresistible march of time.
The scientific theory of the arrow of time is closely linked to the idea of entropy and is used to describe how, at a molecular level, everything is moving towards disintegration and disorder. It is also about the directionality of time, how the arrow points only towards the future, locking away access to any previous state of being, the Universe will end in a uniform mass of floating molecules separated from eachother where any event becomes impossible.
The same rule seems to reign over our relationships with eachother and with the objects we interact with, and this is a theme that has always interested me profoundly. An object depicted in a still life has a history and associations with the people it belonged to and with the situations in which it was used. These associations accompany the slow disintegration of the objects and that of the relationships connected to them and of life itself. All the emotions that we experience during our lives are impossible without this disintegration, without the arrow of time.